I first met Stephanie at the Ulladulla Bowling Club in May 2013, Stephanie was doing a show there and the audience consisted of about 40 people. Nearing the end of the show I didn’t think I would get a reading, then a male father figure came through for me, and the first thing he said was that I was having trouble with alight going off and on at home which was actually happening. Stephanie said it was my dad David saying hello, a few other things were brought up that were also true, it was a short read as the night was coming to an end.


I was impressed enough to follow up with a private reading a few months later. This reading was totally incredible with my mother and father coming through and bringing mention of the multitude of relatives and friends I have that have passed away. Without giving Stephanie a single hint in any way things were brought up from my childhood and the passing years. From my mother saying that I use to rub her cheeks with the back of my fingers, the warmth that was my mother’s heart flowing through to Stephanie. My father apologised because he was a man who never showed his heart, my uncle came through who was killed in WW2 and he mentioned that my brother carried his name and is in possession of his war medals. A friend came through that was killed in a motorbike accident, a friend whose life support was turned off, and my niece who passed from head trauma. There was so much Stephanie told me that was so factual it made my head spin.


I recommended Stephanie to a few of my friends in Ulladulla and they have been totally blown away with how accurate she was about their loved ones. I have since had a second private reading with Stephanie “Unbelievable” I could write pages of the information that she passed on to me. Stephanie has warmth in her that is picked up very easily; one truly gifted and beautiful person and I would not hesitate to recommend her to family and friends for a reading, as I know they will all be extremely happy with the outcome, as I was.


I was fortunate enough to see Stephanie at a show she was doing at the Ulladulla Bowling Club earlier this year. I didn’t think I was going to get a reading as we were nearing the end of the show but that was OK, just listening to her convey messages from the spirit world to people in the audience was fascinating, with everyone validating the messages she was passing on. Then my brother and dad came through, she told me how they both passed and told me a few things that only my dad and brother could know. The hairs stood up on my arms and I thought to myself “I have to book a private reading with this lady, she is brilliant”


I went to see Stephanie in Camden and was overwhelmed with my reading. My mother-in-law came through first and she kindly opened the door for my relatives to come through. It was great to hear that my brother (who committed suicide) was at peace with himself. I received messages from my dad, grandfather and many more relatives. Everything she told me was so accurate, after the reading had finished and I walked outside I felt like I was floating,I felt an enormous sense of peace wash over me.


I took my son to see Stephanie several weeks ago, as he was having a hard time coping with the tragic death of his half-brother. His brother came through with many messages and without giving Stephanie any information about him she was so precise about the way he was taken from us “Truly amazing”. I have seen a huge change in my son since the reading and like me; he feels a sense of peace knowing his brother will always be with him. We have Stephanie to thank for that.


I recommended Stephanie to a friend who has always been somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to the afterlife, but after his reading he was totally amazed at how factual she was about his deceased loved ones and he couldn’t stop talking about his reading for days, I can honestly say this man is no longer a skeptic, and is even talking about going back for another reading in the near future.


I have seen quite a few psychics over the years but none of them hold a candle to Stephanie. She is a truly exceptional woman with a wonderful gift who has helped not only me and my son, but I’m sure has helped so many people find peace with the loss of loved ones. I would not hesitate to recommend Stephanie to anyone that would like to contact their loved ones in the spirit world, and I wish her all the best for the future.


I first met Stephanie about 6 months ago when I was told of her gift from my niece who had been at a house of a relative where Stephanie was conducting a group reading
My niece was so amazed at the accuracy of Stephanie that she suggested that I might want to go to a reading with Stephanie as I was in a lot of pain since my wife of 38 years passed suddenly a month earlier
At first I did not want to go as I did not believe that any person could communicate with the people that have passed over and I thought that these type of people were simply out to make money on other peoples grief and vulnerability
I eventually went along to see Stephanie and I was a skeptic and I anticipated that I would be there for a short time pay her and leave the same way I was before I seen, how wrong was I
The moment Stephanie say my daughter and my niece and myself she immediately asked by name who certain people were, not a vague letter of peoples name she was absolutely spot on
She told me how my wife had passed and where it happened and a whole lot more that nobody and I really mean nobody could have possibly have known
Stephanie continued for an hour telling me accurate truthful facts about my life with Jane that bought me to tears almost the entire time but it gave me immense happiness to know what happened and why that I was so happy to have the honour to have met this amazing lady with such a wonderful gift
I was so pleased to have her talk to my wife Jane and pass on the answers that I so desperately need to know that I went back to see her on another two occasions and the results were the same as the first time and for someone like me, a hardened skeptic to be turned into a total believer is quite amazing, she has given me something that no one else I have ever know could give me
Peace, Answers Hope Understanding
Stephanie thank you from the bottom of my very broken heart
I would recommend Stephanie to any one, she is sincere, kind warm caring person who has this amazing gift that really cannot be quantified by this letter alone I know once you have her you will feel the same as I


Student Testimonials

I did the beginners Tarot Class with Stephanie and as a tool, I found it gave me great insight to human nature and the journey we all travel. It was explained clearly, easy to understand and the way it was presented was very orderly with no room for confusion, as we had a guided reading folder for reference. I look forward to the advance course.


Steph’s beginners Tarot Course is fantastic.
I learnt what the different cards meant and how to interpret them. I started out not knowing anything about the cards and the different spreads. In the end I had family and friends asking me to do a reading because the cards were so accurate. Steph’s Tarot programme is well structured with lots of support from Steph along the way. I’m really looking forward to starting the advanced course soon.
I thoroughly recommend this course to those with little or no knowledge of Tarot.
Best of luck with all the exciting things happening in your life