How they work

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Many people attend and look for a reading for many different reasons including:-

You need to be clear on what you are looking for, e.g.-

Every psychic Medium approaches their readings in ways that are unique to their psychic, mediumship, or healing gifts, training, personalities and life experiences.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your loved one in heaven will come through during your session. Usually they will, but there is never a guarantee, so be sure to be open to all spirits coming forward with a message for you, below are a few suggestions to assist you get the best from your reading:-

If you choose to bring along photos of a particular person in spirit, please note Stephanie will not look at it until after the reading is completed. This may help build up the link to that person, remembering though that there are no guarantees that that particular person will come through.

If you find that the loved one that you were hoping to have contact with does not come forward, this can be for many different reasons – remember Mediums do not have a direct line to the spirit world e.g.:-

But please be assured that your loved one is there watching over you.

Ultimately the Medium works for Spirit, so their focus is on them as they are just a vessel between the two worlds, and they can only give you what they see, hear or feel.


A psychic isn’t necessarily a medium, but a medium is a psychic. This is an important distinction.

Psychics tune into the energy of people or objects by feeling or sensing elements of their past, present and future.

Mediums make connections and deliver messages from people who are no longer living to those who still are, they act as the bridge between the spiritual and the physical world, with the purpose of healing.

The messages given from spirit are what we call evidence of survival, in that life is continuous, that our loved ones’ souls go on and are often only a thought away.

Stephanie recommends not seeing a medium for at least 3-6 months after the loss of a loved one, as this will allow time to come to terms and be open to the signs they are sharing with you, otherwise within our grief one can misunderstand the messages brought forward to us from our loved ones.

To find an authentic reputable Medium who works with integrity, do your homework. Often the best known way is to go by word of mouth referrals, however know it is an individual’s choice, and what is right for one isn’t always right for another.


You might find during the reading that you are unable to relate to or understand parts of the reading, be aware the psychic or medium may be talking of events yet to arise,and also will only tell you what they see hear or feel, (which might not be what or hope it to be).

It’s important that if you at any stage feel uncomfortable you let the reader know and if you ultimately choose not to, saying anything isn’t servicing you or the reader.

The Medium, Psychic or the client have the opportunity of pulling a reading if it is felt that it is not working at any time.

It’s important to check with the Medium/Psychic if they allow taping during a one on one reading, know this is not normally allowed during a platform environment.

Finally ensure your mobile phone is switched off, try to relax and enjoy your reading.