Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings, Psychic Readings - Stephanie McKinnon Psychic MediumThe tarot cards are a wonderful tool for a reader to use when clients are looking for clarity or a little insight into the choices they have around them.

I find that they can offer re-assurance and bring new understanding to people and their current situations, without taking away their free will and choice.

Clients will often seek out a reading regarding relationships, work, travel and finances.

It’s important to remember that no reader can or should tell you what to do. The Tarot Cards will show the options that you have, but nothing is cemented in stone and everyone has to make their own choices and take responsibility for those life choices. The ultimate decisions and choices come back to you.

We all need to take responsibility for our own life choices.


Mediumship allows you the opportunity to connect with loved ones who have returned home to the spirit world. As a medium it is my role to prove that the soul does evolve, so within your reading one can receive what we call survival evidence; this is where I bring forth evidential facts that show this.

A loved one may share names, work, family, hobbies, significant dates, how they passed & even something so personal that only you would know. We would ask for them to give detail to clearly identify them. They might talk of events or occasions that have occurred since their passing, even what is occurring currently in your life or other family member’s lives, e.g. a wedding, a birth, change in relationship etc. they might share memories they shared with one or more. It may be a time where one of them will step forward with an apology or the words ‘I love you’.

This can be a time when one realises that they are not alone and the soul of their loved one is watching over them still.

Their main concern is letting you know that they have survived in soul and in consciousness, as Margaret Dent would say ‘love never dies, it is infinite and the bond of love will always be between you’.

Personally, I find these readings can bring comfort, healing, and closure if necessary. I see myself as the vessel that enables communication between the two worlds which enables clients to leave the reading with a new inner peace knowing that their loved ones are safe and around them.