Spiritual Development

Have you ever found yourself being drawn to the spiritual learnings? Questioned your beliefs? Seen things out of the corner of your eye? Knew who was on the phone? Have you heard voices? Had the feeling of someone behind you? Knew that a loved one was with you?

If so, this course can let you build on your understanding and your own natural abilities, teach you to trust your intuition and enhance the psychic within, discover the inner you, and even clarify what has previously been unexplainable to you.

In this course you will be meditating to build on your own link with your spirit guides, as well as expanding your awareness and opening up your communications with spirit.

You will use different tools such as photos, cards, and psychometry, to allow you to enhance your intuition, psychic abilities, and inner knowledge to allow the real you to be all it needs to be.

This class will be held fortnightly during school terms, and is continuous throughout the year.

To book your course, please contact Stephanie by phone: 0403 111 376



Term 2 – Class 1          Course Cost $200.00

Time 7- 9pm


Term 2 – Class 2          Course Cost $200.00

Time 7- 9pm