Some of us have noticed at some time throughout life numbers that follow us or repeat themselves often. Do you want to understand why and learn how they can allow us to gain insight into our lives, for our daily lives are impacted with them every day, from our birth date, home number, number plates etc. Numerology enables you to be able to navigate yourself through life easier.

We are unique individuals, yet we will have similarities and will be drawn to people with certain qualities and who have certain interests. Numbers can reveal different aspects of oneself, this can give you insight into the reasons you approach life in certain ways, what drives you, your purpose, your frustrations, your strengths e.g. Would you like to know your soul number, this is what pushes you forward in life. It reveals your inner yearnings.

All these can all be revealed with numerology which in turn will give you more understanding of yourself or others.

Numerology stems from Pythagoras’ discovery that everything in the universe has its own unique energy vibration. He set about trying to understand this and to so put numbers to the different vibrations to understand them. Through understanding the differences between these vibrations one could learn a great deal in life.

In this course you will learn the following:-

This is a beginner’s course that one will reveal piece by piece about themselves and can give one a true understanding of those around them.

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