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About Stephanie McKinnon, Psychic Medium. The Crystal Shop Camden NSW

Sharing the Whispers of Spirit… Filling Hearts with Love, Light, Comfort and Peace

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Stephanie McKinnon Psychic MediumHello, allow me to introduce myself and welcome you to my page.

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My name is Stephanie McKinnon and since I was a young child I have been aware that there was a presence of someone who watched over me, the feeling of “I was never alone”, and I truly thought this to be the normal.

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My journey into the world of spirit was one that I never envisaged, although about 20 years ago my health took a turn and I started to have episodes which would cause me to pass out without any warning, as they progressively increased and I sought treatment, it felt as if my life was coming to a standstill.

It took 2 years before they found the appropriate treatment, during this time I began to question the meaning of my life, which in turn lead to a natural progression to seek a deeper understanding of myself and my beliefs and values.

It was at this time I found myself drawn to a tarot deck and so a new stage of my life began; for me it was like a door opening and showing me infinite possibilities never before considered. I found the cards resonated within my soul and I couldn’t explain why, and what has followed has been an astounding and amazing journey for me for from that moment on. I have studied tarot, parapsychology, psychic, mediumship, reiki, numerology, and angel cards, all the while enhancing the intuitive within me.

I will continue on this path of study and development as I find my soul is seeking to understand more and more – it has often been said that the more we know, the less we know, for this is such a vast area of the unknown. It is more than my work, it is part of me, who I am, in life and work, and it’s the merging and blending of spirit within my physical being and uniting as one.

My journey of learning and working with spirit has enriched my life in more ways than I can count, and although at times it has been extremely challenging, this journey has been one filled with self discovery, particularly of my own strengths and weaknesses. I have learned beyond a doubt that we are never alone, that we are all interconnected with each other. This spiritual journey has fulfilled my life in a way never anticipated yet it is very much a part of my life’s journey now.

Personally I endeavour to follow the laws of a spiritual path, of respecting and serving spirit, to always work ethically, with integrity and honesty. I feel my life has been blessed and I’m eternally grateful for the experiences I have had, and the people I have met along the way. I’m thankful everyday to have in my life my family, friends, teachers, and mentors, and it’s an honour I do not take for granted.

An important message I would like to share with all reading this page is to remember to love the ones you’re with, keep life simple, and to keep it real for we are all spiritual beings living a physical life and are here to learn and grow as souls.

Thank you for taking the time here.