Welcome to Stephanie McKinnon’s Website

Welcome to my page, you have found yourself here for a reason, for nothing happens by chance. Take your time to discover all you need.

As a psychic medium it is my intent to be the vessel that allows spirit to shine their light and unite our two worlds for a short period, to enable spirit to be reunited with those they love and that have been left behind, allow them the comfort of knowing their soul has survived, although they now present themselves just in a different form, by sharing their memories, personality and messages.

By sharing the insights through spirit and ancient tools such as Tarot and Numerology, in aiding one to walk forward in their current life without taking away any of their free will or choices.

As well as being the vessel that shares and educates spirit’s wisdom and teachings that allows one to see and find their own distinctive abilities, whilst building on their intuition and link with spirit.

This allows one to come to the understanding that there is more to this world then what the naked eye sees.

Some people ask me which of these I prefer to work in, I think they all have the purpose of providing insight and guidance to us in times of need and I respect and love them for just that.

I find that each has something to offer towards allowing one to find the clarity, direction, healing and understanding in finding our way to move forward with inner peace.

I look forward to interacting, sharing, growing and evolving with you, and I thank you for taking the time to be here with me. Note you will also find up to date information on my Facebook page – you will find the link here on myweb page, so feel free to like it so you will be kept up to date with all the happenings.